Johnny B Dead is a supporting character in the television series, "Monster By Mistake". He is a wise-cracking apparition who lives in the Patterson family's attic. His identity was unknown for the majority of the series. It was speculated that he was the mysterious circus promoter who died in the town, known to have an unquenchable thirst for children.  

He lives in the attic of the Patterson family's residence because there is no other place in the entire universe that can keep his large, throbbing, ghostly cock contained.  

In episode 69, A Helping Hand to Lend, Tracy accidentally cast a spell on Warren that, instead of giving him a giant rock, it gave him a giant cock. Johnny, obviously aroused, tried to avoid Warren's massive man-meat, but in the end, he couldn't keep his lust for little children contained and went for the home run.  


Johnny B. Dead, moments after Tracy cast the "Homeo Erectus" spell on Warren.

Johnny and Warren are officially a trans-spiritual couple as of episode 69.  

He always keeps a bag of sand in his ethereal pockets, just in case Warren and him have some "alone time".  

Episode 69 is usually known as the turning point for many fans. Long-time fans saw this as the downfall of Monster By Mistake, stating this relationship a "serious shift in tone". Newer fans, however, appreciated the trans-spiritual relation between Warren and Johnny, seeing it as a progressive direction for the show.  

The show was cancelled after episode 70.